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Lawyers in Latvia
Lawyers in Latvia
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Lawyers in Latvia

Meet our team of experienced Latvian lawyers with a strong background in corporate law, debt collection and many more.

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Latvia Law Firm

Latvia Law Firm

Updated on Saturday 10th October 2015

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The Baltic States have started to attract a significant number of foreign investors during the last years because of the incentives provided by their governments. Latvia is one of the best countries to invest in the Baltic Region but also in Europe. Foreign companies are also interested in doing business in Latvia due its geographic position which facilitates trading relations with Russia.

The best way to comprehend the advantages a country like Latvia can offer foreign investors should first get acquainted with its legislation. Our law firm in Latvia has gathered an experienced team of lawyers specialized in different areas in order to provide full services to those interested in opening a company here. Made up of competent lawyers, our Latvian law firm offers personalized services in both commercial and civil matters. No matter if you need assistance in a litigation case or you simply want to open a company in Latvia, you can count on our Latvian lawyers to help you.

Opening a company in Latvia with the help of our lawyers

Opening a company in Latvia can be very simple once you have passed by all the legal hurdles it involves. In order to do that our lawyers in Latvia will prepare customized company formation packages for you to select the perfect fit. Our Latvian attorneys will start by presenting you all the types of companies you can set up in Latvia and from which you can choose the one matching your business goals and then they will take you through all the incorporation steps. You must take into consideration the most important documents related to opening a company in Latvia are the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Our Latvian attorneys can draft these documents respecting all the legal requirements. There are certain types of business activities requiring certain licenses to be obtained. You just have to tell our lawyers what the company’s business objects are and they will inform you about the licenses you must obtain and help you with the process.

Legal advice in taxation matters

An important part of opening a company in Latvia are related to the taxes you must pay. Our lawyers in Latvia will provide you with full information about the taxes your company must pay and they will also help you register your business for taxation purposes. Additionally, our law firm in Latvia will inform you about the incentives available for foreign investors and what the requirements for obtaining certain tax deductions are. No matter the country you are coming from you should also know Latvia has many double taxation agreements concluded which means you will be able to significantly reduce the tax burdens. If you need bookkeeping services you can ask our Latvian lawyers to put in contact with chartered accountants.

Assistance in civil matters

As Latvia continue to expand its investment policy in different parts of the country, the Government has designed several strategies for attracting workforce in those regions. If you want to move to Latvia and need a residence or a work permit you can request the services of our law firm in Latvia to help you with the formalities.

Family law is an important part of the Civil Code, which is why our Latvian lawyers also provide legal assistance in civil matters such as marriage registration, divorce or child custody.

If you have any questions or need legal advice do not hesitate to contact our Latvian attorneys who will be there to help you with any proceeding.


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