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Obtain Information about a Latvian Company

Obtain Information about a Latvian Company

Updated on Friday 21st August 2015

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Obtain-Information-about-a-Latvian-CompanyForeign investors involved in business partnerships with Latvian companies will usually try to find out relevant information about the respective companies. Latvia has a well-established Trade Register that provides updated information about all companies registered in the country. Moreover, foreign businessmen may also request the services of a Latvian law firm that will conduct company due diligence procedures on their behalf and present them relevant information. Considering the amount of information available these days, obtaining information about a Latvian company is quite easy.

In terms of company due diligence, our lawyers in Latvia will conduct the following procedures adapted to our clients’ needs:

  • - financial due diligence,
  • - legal due diligence,
  • - commercial due diligence.

Verification of a Latvian company with the Trade Register

The Latvian Register of Enterprises is the most reliable source of information regarding companies registered in the country. Foreign investors can find out the following information about Latvian companies with the Companies Register:

  • - details about the business activities undertaken by companies, branches, representative offices and foreign companies in Latvia,
  • - the identity of their shareholders and company management staff,
  • - details about insolvent companies,
  • - changes brought to the company’s management board and shareholding structure.

In order to verify a company with the Latvian Companies Registrar, one may enter the Register’s webpage and search the company by its name.

Searching a Latvian company through the European Business Register

The European Business Register is another way of obtaining information about companies in Latvia. The European Business Register’s partner in providing information about Latvian companies is Lursoft. Lursoft offers information about companies by simply entering the company’s registration certificate number. The following company information is available on Lursoft’s webpage:

  • - the issuance date of the certificate,
  • - the type of certificate,
  • - information on whether the certificate is valid or has been revoked,
  • - the status of the company,
  • - the registered address of the Latvian company

In order to obtain information about a Latvian company on Lursof, one must register and obtain a username and password.

For complete details about investment opportunities or company due diligence procedures, please contact our law firm in Latvia.



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