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Updated on Friday 21st August 2015

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based on 0 reviews is a member of BridgeWest®, a network of European lawyers and specialists in company incorporation, who work with international clients in over 65 countries.


lawyer_Cristian_Darie.pngMy experience with was a pleasant one because they answered promptly to my requests and they managed to incorporate a company very fast and helped foreign clients start doing business in this country. I recommend this team of experienced lawyers who offer company formation services and other legal services for foreign entrepreneurs.

Attorney at Law Cristian Darie

lawyer_Mihai_Cuc.pngI have had a good collaboration with the Latvian attorneys from and I can say they are a professional team who can offer various legal services to foreign businessmen who want to start companies in this country.


Attorney at Law Mihai Cuc
Enescu&Cuc Law Firm





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