Alimony in Latvia

Alimony in Latvia

Updated on Tuesday 02nd February 2016

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Alimony-in-Latvia.jpgAlimony in Latvia is decided upon divorce and it represents a monetary aid from one spouse to the other for the benefit of the child or children. While the child custody is usually decided through a court decision, the two individuals that formed a couple will need to negotiate and reach an agreement for the amount and type of alimony.
Alimony disputes can be settled with the help of a lawyer and by initiating a trial against the party that refuses to pay, if necessary. Our lawyers in Latvia can help you in child custody and alimony cases.

Paying alimony in Latvia

The two spouses can decide upon the amount of payable alimony for the child and the periodicity of this payment. Different types of alimony are possible, among which: temporary alimony, durational or permanent alimony or rehabilitative alimony. 
Another way for a single parent to receive financial support for raising children is collecting alimony from the Alimony Fund in Latvia if the parent who should have been paying alimony is not capable of doing so. This is a state aid measure for underage children in Latvia who cannot receive sufficient alimony. 
Our lawyers in Latvia can offer you legal support for obtaining alimony from an ex-spouse or for finding out more about your rights as a single parent in Latvia.

Divorce in Latvia

The Family Law in Latvia is part of the Civil Law and governs the enforcement of judicial decisions in family related matters. A special Law on the Protection of Children is also enforced in the country. 
In divorce by mutual agreement cases, the two parties will usually negotiate and convene upon the distribution of common property, child custody and alimony. Usually, the child will remain with the mother and the father will pay an agreed upon amount for the support of the child or children. However, there are cases where the mother might be required to pay alimony. The custody case will depend on each family’s situation.
You can contact our law firm in Latvia for more detailed information about family law and legal assistance for all family-related legal issues.