Business Consulting in Latvia

Business Consulting in Latvia

Updated on Monday 19th December 2022

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Business-Consulting-in-LatviaOur law firm in Latvia offers business consultancy for foreign investors who want to bring their businesses or set up new companies in this country. The core purpose of our business consultancy services in Latvia is to offer clients our expertise in matters related to legal activities.

Our lawyers in Latvia provide tailored solutions based on the clients’ requests.

Consulting services in Latvia

Our Latvian law firm provide consultancy related to the following matters:

  • -           legal;
  • -           taxation;
  • -           company incorporation;
  • -           labor;
  • -           banking;
  • -           intellectual property;
  • -           real estate.

Corporate consulting services in Latvia

Our Latvian business consultants can help you with the purchase of ready-made companies or the registration of the following types of companies: limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited or general partnerships, individual enterprises, subsidiaries or representative offices.

Our consultants in Latvia also provide relevant information about the shareholding structure of companies, the minimum capital required depending on the type of company clients decide upon. Our Latvian lawyers offer assistance in drafting the articles of association and obtaining all the documentation that must be submitted with the Latvian Enterprise Register.

Legal consulting services in Latvia

Our Latvian lawyers offer support in litigation cases, such as debt recovery or company liquidation. Our consultants provide legal advice regarding the Employment Law, divorce procedures or obtaining residency or work permits in Latvia. Our consultants can also explain clients how the judicial system works in order to benefit from all the rights that foreign citizens or investors have in Latvia.

Taxation consulting services in Latvia

Our Latvian accountants can provide you a wide range of services in taxation matters such as:

  • -           VAT registration and taxation in Latvia;
  • -           corporate taxation in Latvia;
  • -           double tax treaties Latvia, signed with other countries;
  • -           import and export regulations. If you need consultation in any other matter you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. Furthermore, our Latvian lawyers can also help you in relocation. So, if you are interested in immigration to Latvia, you can interact with our lawyers. They can guide you about the right visa type which meets your purpose of relocation to this country. Our lawyers in Latvia can also offer you practical assistance regarding your visa application and documents filing.

Real estate consulting services in Latvia

Purchasing a property in Latvia can be quite simple, if clients know what they are looking for. Our consultants in Latvia offer you advice on the real estate due diligence process before acquiring a property, they can help you draft the purchase agreement and register the property with the Latvian Land Register.

You can contact our Latvian law firm for business consultancy services.