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Immigrate to Latvia from Ukraine

Updated on Saturday 25th June 2022

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Immigrate-to-Latvia-from-UkraineThere are some nations who are granted visa-free entry to the Schengen area, while others are required to meet certain criteria to acquire a visa. Fortunately, if you want to immigrate to Latvia from Ukraine, you do not need to apply for a visa. 
Considering the current situation of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, it is advisable to get in touch with the immigration lawyers at our law firm in Latvia. They can better guide you about how you can relocate to Latvia from Ukraine

Types of permits and visas in Latvia

If you want to immigrate to Latvia from Ukraine, here are the different kinds of visas described by our lawyers. Our Latvian lawyers can provide you with practical assistance throughout the relocation procedure. Latvia provides refuge to the nationals who are escaping the Russia-Ukraine war through: 
  • Latvian D visa: It is a long-stay visa. It is for individuals who seek to immigrate to Latvia from Ukraine and stay for an extended period (maximum 1 year). This visa type also allows travel to other EU/EEA countries. A Latvian D visa is required for persons wishing to obtain employment and residence permits in Latvia;
  • Latvian C visa: It is a short-stay Schengen visa. Individuals who desire to immigrate to Latvia from Ukraine for a short amount of time (90 days in 6 months) must apply for a C-type visa unless they qualify for visa-free entry (depending on the country). As a Ukrainian citizen, if you are planning to move to Latvia from Ukraine, you must know that you are not required to obtain a visa. A foreigner with a short-stay visa can travel through Latvia or any other Schengen countries and stay in Latvia for no more than 90 days in 6 months;
  • Latvian A visa: This is a transit visa that allows a person to stay in the transit area of an international airport in Latvia during a layover or flight change.
Besides helping you to immigrate to Latvia from Ukraine, you are also welcome to consult with our lawyers if you want to meet the taxation criteria of this country. For instance, our lawyers can help you find out about the value-added tax (VAT) and other tax rates in Latvia because it is necessary to comply well with the taxation regulations to avoid any troubles in a foreign country. 

Refugee travel document in Latvia

Keeping in view the current situation of Ukraine-Russia conflict, as a Ukrainian citizen you can take refugee in Latvia. After you are granted with refugee status, the OCMA's Refugee Affairs Department issues the refugee's travel document. It is a personal identification document that allows its possessor to reside in Latvian territory. A permanent residence permit is attached to the refugee's travel document, which must be re-registered every 5 years.
You can get in touch with our lawyers if you want to relocate to Latvia from Ukraine as a refugee. They can help you in obtaining a refugee travel document in Latvia.

Can you extend your stay in Latvia? 

Whether you are a traveler, a businessperson who needs to do some unforeseen business after his/her visa expires, or a patient seeking medical treatment in a Schengen state, you will not be able to stay after your Schengen visa expires unless you extend it.
A short-stay visa for Europe can be obtained for a maximum of three months within six months, according to Schengen rules. It is quite difficult, but if you have a compelling cause for your application, you have a good chance of obtaining a visa extension. This is the case if you immigrate to Latvia from Ukraine for business purposes and want to open a firm in this country. You can get help from our attorneys. Our lawyers in Latvia will also provide you with comprehensive information about company types in this country. 

Permanent residency in Latvia

If you want to relocate to Latvia from Ukraine, you should know that the Latvian government has introduced a variety of methods for obtaining residency, which are given below. You can also become a Latvian resident and you should know these details:
  • An applicant can deposit 280,000 EUR in a bank account for five years;
  • If a person wishes to secure a permanent or temporary residency visa in Latvia, he or she may invest in real estate. For receiving a residency permit, however, a real estate investment of at least 250,000 EUR is necessary;
  • The duration of getting a permanent residency is 30-90 days;
  • After 5 years of residency, you can apply for permanent residency;
  • You can apply for citizenship, after 10 years of residency.
If you want to move to Latvia from Ukraine, there are also further options to get permanent residency in this country. Contact our lawyers for further details in this regard.
In addition to residence, our attorneys can assist you with your citizenship application. Our lawyers can assist you if you are seeking to relocate to Latvia from Ukraine to obtain citizenship. They are many requirements to acquire Latvian citizenship so it is recommended to acquire legal assistance from our attorneys in Latvia.