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Immigrate to Latvia from USA

Updated on Wednesday 23rd November 2022

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Immigrate to Latvia from USA
As an American citizen who wants to move to Latvia, you must be aware of the new set of regulations that will be operative from 2023. You are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers in Latvia to get detailed information. They will not only guide you about the new rules, but also practically assist you to immigrate to Latvia from USA.

ETIAS visa waiver for American nationals

If you want to move to Latvia from USA, here is good news for you. The European Travel Information and Authorization System, also known as ETIAS, will be a requirement for travels to Europe starting in November 2023. American citizens must apply online for an ETIAS visa waiver if they plan to relocate to Latvia from USA.
By providing their personal information and responding to security questions on the online form, American nationals can apply for the ETIAS travel permit. Additionally, Americans must specify the member state via which they intend to make their first entry into the Schengen Area. Our lawyers in Latvia can help you fill out your application form correctly. Their legal assistance can help you immigrate to Latvia from USA without unnecessary trouble. 
American citizens who use ETIAS for Latvia can:
  • stay up to 90 days in Europe every 180 days;
  • travel for tourism, business, or transit;
  • enjoy repeated visa-free visits to Latvia or any other Schengen nation.
A visit to the Latvian Embassy in the United States is not necessary for ETIAS candidates. Application procedures are entirely online. So, it is recommended to get assistance from our immigration lawyers. Our Latvian lawyers can help you with your ETIAS visa waiver program online application. If you correctly fill out and submit the application, you may be able to relocate to Latvia from USA for a short term of 180 days. You can also consult our lawyers if you want to apply for Latvian residence

Types of visas available in Latvia

You can seek guidance from our attorneys if you require additional information about Latvian visas that might enable you to immigrate to Latvia from USA. You can get in-depth information on this topic from our attorneys. Please find below the types of visas which you can consider to move to Latvia from USA:
  1. Short-term visas: There are short-term visas with one entry, double entry, or more. The holder of this visa is permitted to remain on the territories of any Schengen state. The owner of this visa with limited territorial validity (C-type visa valid exclusively in Latvia or visa with validity excluded for a certain Schengen state or states) is only permitted to stay in the state(s) for which it is/are valid. The immigration attorneys at our law firm in Latvia can provide you with legal assistance if you temporarily want to immigrate to Latvia from USA;
  2. Long-term visas: A long-stay visa is a single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry visa that enables a foreign person to enter the Republic of Latvia once, twice, or for an unlimited number of times, remain for the duration allowed by the visa and then leave the country. If you intend to relocate to Latvia from USA, you should be aware that long-term visas are only provided for stays that meet or comply with: international law, Latvian state interests, a case of force majeure, and humanitarian reasons.
With a long-stay visa, you are permitted to stay in the Republic of Latvia for up to six months, beginning on the day you are admitted. Additionally, the bearer of this visa is permitted to travel for up to three months in the Schengen region every six months. The maximum duration of a long-term visa is one year. Besides these visas, you can also get in touch with our lawyers if you need guidance regarding your Latvian citizenship application.

FDI in Latvia

Please find below details about the foreign direct investments (FDI) in Latvia. These statistics might encourage you to relocate and open a firm in Latvia:
  • The amount of FDI entering the country surged quickly after Latvia joined the EU and peaked in 2021 at EUR20.9 billion;
  • New market opportunities for foreign investors and stable monetary policy are the key drivers of FDI inflow;
  • The majority of Latvia's FDI originates from other EU countries. By the end of 2021, 80% of the accruing FDI came from EU member states;
  • By the end of 2021, 29% of the total FDI in Latvia's economy came from Sweden, which made the greatest investments.
Contact our law firm in Latvia for more details about our services. Besides helping you relocate to Latvia from USA, our lawyers can guide you about other legal matters too. For instance, if you need any information about VAT (value-added tax) registration in Latvia, you can get in touch with our lawyers.