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Digital Nomad Visa in Latvia

Updated on Monday 08th August 2022

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Digital Nomad Visa in Latvia.jpgThe Latvian digital nomad visa has been approved by for use in the country and will soon come into force.
Foreign nationals will be able to apply for this type of visa and remain in the country for a pre-determined period, with the possibility to extend the nomad visa.
Working as a digital nomad has become more popular, especially in the last two years when many individuals and companies became accustomed to the remote work model. Once the Latvian digital nomad visa is available for use, digital nomads from around the world will be able to work remote from Riga or another city of choice. Our immigration lawyers in Latvia can advise on this matter.

The upcoming Latvian digital nomad visa

The Latvian Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft amendment to the Immigration Law at the beginning of the year. This change will allow third-country citizens to come to Latvia as digital nomads and engage in their specific work from the country.
The Latvia digital nomad visa will have the following features:
  • it will allow the holder to remain in the country for 1 year;
  • it will be possible to extend it for another 1 year;
  • the holder will need to show that he or she is employed for at least 6 months;
  • the income earned through employment will need to be of at least 2.5 average monthly salaries in Latvia.
It is important to note that the law on the digital nomad visa needs to be approved by the Parliament, the Saeima of Latvia.
This type of visa will be available to third-country nationals, citizens of non-EU/EEA member states, including Switzerland.
The conditions for employment and those for a minimum income can be further explained by our team of lawyers in Latvia.
Also, it is important to note that the holder of the visa will not be eligible for social assistance in the country, nor will he or she be able to take up employment with a Latvian company. The requirements for a work visa for non-EU/EEA nationals are relevant for this purpose.
The team of immigration lawyers in Latvia at our law firm can provide you with complete information on the types of residence permits and visas available for those who wish to enter the country and remain in a Latvian city for long-term or short-term purposes.

Important steps once you enter in Latvia

Immigration to Latvia through the digital nomad visa can be the first step for those who wish to relocate to the country, should they find that living in Latvia suits their needs.
Alternatively, foreign nationals who wish to remain in Latvia for one year or more can apply for the long-stay Type D visa. This can be issued for purposes such as employment or study.
When applying for a visa, the following documents are required:
  1. Identification documents: this is a valid travel document, a passport which needs to be valid for the entire stay;
  2. Application form: this is the official form issued by the Latvian authorities which is duly filled in by the applicant;
  3. Insurance: a copy of the travel medical insurance policy is annexed to the visa application;
  4. Justification documents: any documents that indicate the purpose of the stay in the country; for the digital nomad visa these will specify the purpose to work remote with an existing employer, as per the applicable conditions;
  5. Other documents: proof of sufficient financial income, as well as proof having paid the applicable visa fee.
Like in the case of the digital nomad visa, the maximum validity of the Type-D visa is one year. The visa can be extended and overstay with an expired visa is only possible in certain exceptional circumstances. Our attorneys can give you more information about the conditions to extend the visa types described above.
It is likely that the checklist of documents above will apply in the case of immigration to Latvia through the digital nomad visa.
The Type D  visa is applied for before entering Latvia, with a consular mission in the applicant’s country of origin. A correct application will allow the individual to make sure that it will not be rejected for incompleteness or inadequacy. This is why we advise those interested to seek specialized services during application, such as those offered by our team.
If you have questions about immigration and the applicable laws, please reach out to our lawyers in Latvia.
A digital nomad visa for Latvia allows the holder a great degree of flexibility. Moreover, Riga is a well-connected city, with high-speed internet and various opportunities in terms of co-working spaces and networking.
Contact us if you want to apply for a Latvian digital nomad visa as soon as it becomes available.