Legal Services in Daugavpils

Legal Services in Daugavpils

Updated on Friday 21st August 2015

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Legal-Services-in-DaugavpilsDaugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia concentrating a great number of industries and companies. Our Latvian lawyers offer legal services to foreign investors interested in setting up companies in Daugavpils and taking advantage of the available incentives.

The advantages of investing in Daugavpils, Latvia

Our lawyers in Daugavpils provide legal assistance to local and foreign businessmen wanting to establish companies in industries such as: transportation, logistics, education, retail and services. Daugavpils is located at 25 km. from Lithuania, 35 km. from Belarus and 120 km. from Russia which makes the city an important and advantageous route for cargo companies and import and export operators in Latvia.

Without any doubt, Daugavpils’s geographical position is one of the greatest advantages for investors who have relations with countries like Russia, but cannot or do not want to establish a company there. The business environment is very favorable for small and medium enterprises. Our lawyers in Daugavpils can help clients find the best types of companies to register and guide them through the registration procedure. Our Latvian lawyers can also conduct the incorporation procedure through a power of attorney.

Other corporate legal services available in Daugavpils

The Latvian legal system is not very complicated when specialized personnel provides to-the-point information and knows the legal procedures very well. Our lawyers in Latvia offer representation in front of the courts in Daugavpils and advise investors in litigation casesCompany dissolution or bankruptcy cases can also be handled by our legal team in Daugavpils. Our legal services also consist in providing assistance for obtaining the required business licenses for certain types of activities.

Daugavpils is also known as the “student city” because it is home to many education facilities therefore hiring skilled and cheap workforce has never been easier. Our legal team in Daugavpils can help companies register their employees with the competent authorities.

Accounting services in Daugavpils

Our law firm in Latvia is completed by our accounting staff that is ready to provide advice in taxation matters and offer tax planning solutions in order to help investors maximize their profits. Our accounting staff in Daugavpils can draft the annual financial statements and perform audits whenever required.

For details about all the legal services provided by our Latvian lawyers in Daugavpils, you can contact us anytime.