Legal Services in Riga

Legal Services in Riga

Updated on Tuesday 08th March 2022

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Legal_services_in_Riga.jpgRiga is the capital city of Latvia and also the largest city of the Baltic states. Foreign investors who want to have access to the Baltic market may consider opening a business in Latvia’s beautiful historic city. Our lawyers in Latvia can help you make the first steps towards investing in the country and choose the best business opportunities the country has to offer.

Riga: a port city

Riga’s port is one of the largest ports in the Baltic Sea. This makes the city an excellent location for international businesses that operate in the import and export sector. However, other economic areas are favorable in Riga, such as tourism and services sector.
Foreign business owners can choose between several types of companies in Latvia, among which:
- the limited liability company,
- the joint-stock company,
- the general partnership,
- the limited partnership.
Our Latvian lawyers can help you with the company registration process and they can help you submit the necessary documentation at the Latvian Trade Register.
Our Latvian law firm also offers you the possibility to commence the company registration procedures even if you are not in the country. Through a power of attorney, one of our Latvian lawyers can duly represent you in from of the relevant authorities and can submit the necessary documents for the incorporation of your company.

Important legal services in Latvia

The business start-up costs in Latvia can vary according to the type of company, however, they will generally include the necessary minimum share capital, the costs associated with opening a bank account, any costs related to VAT registration and costs for notarizing the articles of association. Depending on the business field, some companies may also require additional special permits and licenses.
Our law firm in Latvia specializes in multiple legal areas, such as corporate law, family law, commercial disputes and various litigation matters. Our lawyers in Riga can also help you with alternative conflict resolution methods, such as arbitration
You can also contact our Latvian lawyers for more personal matters, like marriage or divorce in Latvia or immigration matters.
Our lawyers in Latvia are ready to answer any question and become your business partners in Riga. Please do not hesitate to send your request or questions to our attorneys in Latvia. We can also put you in touch with our partner lawyers in USA if you need legal services in this country.