Marriage in Latvia

Marriage in Latvia

Updated on Monday 08th August 2022

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Marriage-in-LatviaMarriage in Latvia is regulated by the Civil and Civil Procedure Law. Before getting married in Latvia, an application for announcing the marriage must be submitted with the Latvian Registry Office. The announcement will be published in the Registry Office for a month and the application must express the wish of getting married. There are no special requirements for foreign citizens wanting to get married in Latvia.

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What are the documents required to get married in Latvia?

The persons wanting to marry in Latvia must submit an application form signed by both parties with the General Registry Office. Together with this application, both parties are required to submit their identification cards or passports in case of foreign citizens. Divorced people or widowers must also submit an extract or statement of the divorce paper, a court judgment stating the divorce, respectively the death certificate of the deceased spouse. In case one of the spouses is a minor, the parents’ consent will be required.

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Marriage registration in Latvia

In order to have a marriage registered in Latvia, the future spouses must have two adult witnesses. Once the marriage is concluded, it will be registered in the Marriage Register. Both spouses, witnesses and the head of the General Registry Office must sign the entry that must also bear the seal with the state coat of arms. If the spouses opted for a religious marriage, the entry in the Marriage Register must also be signed by the priest that conducted the ceremony. The marriage certificate will be released right after the registration takes place. We can also help with immigration to Latvia through marriage.

What information will be entered in the Latvian Marriage Register?

The Marriage Register must contain data about the place where the marriage took place, such as the county and the town, the date, the names, personal identity numbers, marital status, residence, nationality and birth date of both spouses. The entry must also state the place and date the marriage was published, the new surname of the spouse after getting married and the names and birth dates of the witnesses.

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