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Obtain Citizenship in Latvia

Updated on Thursday 22nd September 2022

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Obtain Citizenship in Latvia
If you want to apply for citizenship in Latvia, you are welcome to get in touch with our Latvian lawyers. They will not only provide you with guidance, but also practically assist you throughout the procedure of acquiring the Latvian citizenship.

Latvian citizenship requirements 

If you are seeking legal help to observe the Latvian citizenship requirements, you can interact with our lawyers. They can help you understand the set of requirements that is necessary to satisfy. However, you can also find below general information about those requirements:
  • As per the Latvian Citizenship law, an applicant must pass the Latvian language proficiency test;
  • Applicant should know Latvia’s national anthem text;
  • The applicant is also required to know Latvian Constitution’s basic provisions.
For Latvian citizenship, you must take a test after two months from submitting the citizenship application. Our lawyers can help you understand the Latvian citizenship requirements in detail. 

How long does it take to process a Latvian citizenship application?

There are two steps in the procedure:
  1. The preparatory step, which typically lasts 1-2 months, is used to locate any documents that are missing from Latvian archival institutions, legalize the documents, create the relevant forms and applications, etc;
  2. The statutory period for consideration by the authorities throughout the application processing stage is 4–12 months (depending on the category under which one applies). However, the decision is typically taken considerably more quickly by the authorities.
In less problematic cases, the entire process may take up to 2-2,5 months, but this will mostly depend on the workload of the Latvian Citizenship Office. Our lawyers can also guide you about Latvian citizenship requirements so that you can apply efficiently on the first attempt.

Latvian citizenship by descent

You can be eligible for citizenship by descentin Latviaif any of your direct ancestors were of Latvian origin. Anyone who meets the necessary qualifications may apply for a Latvian passport. People of Latvian descent, who have never been citizens of Latvia, may get citizenship in this country under a simplified procedure, regardless of their current permanent residence. You can prove Latvian descent by submitting documents that prove that one of your parents or grandparents is/was a Latvian. If you are planning to apply for Latvian citizenship by descent, our lawyers can assist you. Our attorneys can also assist you if you are planning to open a firm in Latvia. Reach out to our Latvian attorneys for details.

Eligibility criteria for Latvian citizenship by descent

If you want to apply for citizenship by descentin Latvia, you must know that, as of October 1, 2013, those who meet the following requirements may obtain dual citizenship:
  • People who have obtained citizenship in another country that is a member of the European Union, European Free Trade Association, NATO, Australia, the Federative Republic of Brazil or New Zealand may also preserve their Latvian citizenship with approval from the Cabinet of Ministers;
  • Exiles or Latvians who have lived in Latvian territory since 1881 or later are entitled to keep their dual citizenship with any other nation. Our lawyers can also further guide you about Latvian citizenship requirements;
  • A person who has obtained citizenship in Latvia may also have citizenship in some other countries.
If you are interested to apply for Latvian citizenship by descent, you can get in touch with our lawyers. They can explain whether you can acquire dual citizenship in Latvia or not. The immigration lawyers at our law firm in Latvia can also help you throughout the relocation procedure if you are seeking practical assistance to move to Latvia.

Latvian citizenship by marriage

The spouse of a citizen of Latvia does not immediately acquire citizenship. He/she can, however, easily apply to live and work anywhere in the EU and has the right to be reunited with his/her spouse. As a spouse of a Latvian citizen, you can get the following advantages:
  • You are allowed to live in the EU with your spouse, who is a citizen of Latvia;
  • You do not have to provide documentation of your education, employment history, age, or criminal history. Usually, the right to reunite with family justifies granting residency.
  • As the spouse of a Latvian citizen, you are granted the right to work, study, and move to any EU member state with your spouse (with minimal paperwork involved).
You may eventually be eligible for citizenship as well as for permanent residency. This is only granted after five continuous years of legal residency in Latvia. You should investigate the regulations in the nation where you plan to relocate. Or you can simply consult with the lawyers located at our law firm in Latvia. They can guide you on how to acquire Latvian citizenship by marriage.

Foreign population in Latvia - statistics

You can find below the statistics of foreign nationals born in Latvia:
  • In December 2010, Latvia’s foreign-born population was 313,786;
  • In 2021, the foreign-born population statistics in Latvia recorded 230,095.
Contact our law firm in Latvia if you need legal services for immigration purposes. Our lawyers can help you get citizenship in Latvia by marriage.
Furthermore, if you need assistance to register for value-added tax (VAT), our lawyers can also guide you in this matter.