Obtaining Work Permit in Latvia

Obtaining Work Permit in Latvia

Updated on Friday 21st August 2015

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Obtaining-Work--Permit-in-LatviaForeign citizens signing an employment contract with a Latvian company are required to apply for a work permit before entering the country. Sole traders are also required to apply for a work permit when establishing in Latvia. Employment permits are issued by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Latvia. Foreign employees are usually required to apply for a Latvian residence permit as well.

Foreign citizens acting as shareholders within a Latvian company are not required to apply for employment permits. Holders of residence permits don't have to apply for a Latvian work permit either.

Applying for a Latvian work permit

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) issues work permits for foreign citizens only after the Latvian employer has filed an application with the State Employment Agency and after sending an invitation to the employee. The following categories of foreign citizens are required to apply for a Latvian employment permit:

A special category is represented by IT specialists who will receive both a residence and an employment permit when coming to work in Latvia. These specialists are:

  • - project directors,
  • - quality managers,
  • - project managers,
  • - system architects,
  • - software developers,
  • - IT solutions consultants,
  • - business consultants.

In order to receive the labor permit, foreign employees must first receive an employment contract from a company registered with the Latvian Companies Registration Office. Employment permits are usually related to residence permits in Latvia.

Documents required for obtaining a Latvian labor permit

The documents required when applying for a work visa in Latvia apart from the employment contract are:

  • - a valid passport,
  • - two passport sized photographs,
  • - two employment permit application forms,
  • - a medical certificate,
  • - bank account statements to prove self-sufficiency,
  • - a medical insurance,
  • - proof of visa application fee payment,
  • - marriage certificate, where applicable,
  • - a letter of intent from the Latvian employer.

If you need help with the work permit application or information about the Employment Law, please contact our law firm in Latvia.