Preparing the Will in Latvia

Preparing the Will in Latvia

Updated on Wednesday 20th January 2016

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Preparing-the-Will-in-Latvia.jpgIndividuals who are concerned with succession and family inheritance can request the services of a law firm to prepare the will in Latvia. This document is concluded and signed in front of a notary and its copy is sent to the legal heirs and/or other individuals who are granted inheritance according to the document.
The team of experts at our law firm in Latvia can help you draft a will observing your interest and wish regarding the division of your assets.

Concluding a will in Latvia

A notary in Latvia will handle the inheritance matters and will oversee the implementation of the last will, as per the indications of the deceased. Those who want to leave instructions for the distribution and/or protection of their assets can conclude a will that will act as a legal instrument for the implementation of their wishes. 
Foreign investors in Latvia who own real estate or foreign individuals who have been living in the country and want to dispose of the property owned here can also conclude a will to pass on their property rights in Latvia.
Public and private wills are accepted in the country. The latter must be signed by a witness and if the testator is illiterate or unable to sign, then a third person will sign on his behalf, mentioning this in the document.

The inheritance law in Latvia

Another option to pass property and asset rights in Latvia is to conclude an inheritance contract. The individual who wishes to conclude this agreement grants his future inheritance fully or partially. This document allows several parties to grant inheritance rights to one another.
An inheritance contract does not allow for exclusion from inheritance. An attorney in Latvia can help you conclude this agreement in order to pass on the inheritance right.
Foreign nationals are treated equally to Latvian citizens in terms of the applicable inheritance laws. Our lawyers can give you more information about the inheritance law in the country, the Civil Law of Latvia governing real estate inheritance and other issues related to the transfer of ownership.
Contact our law firm in Latvia for more information and legal assistance.