Special Permits and Licenses in Latvia

Special Permits and Licenses in Latvia

Updated on Friday 21st August 2015

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Special-Permits-and-Licenses-in-LatviaForeign investors who want to set up a company in Latvia are attracted by the financial stability of the country, its business-friendly environment and by the array of types of companies that are offered to investors. However, there are types of businesses requiring special permits or licenses.

Obtaining a special permit in Latvia

As mentioned above, there are types of Latvian companies that require special permits or licenses in order to conduct business activities. These licenses are issued by the relevant authority in the country or city the business is registered in.

Special licenses in Latvia have from one to five-year validity. There are special permits that can be released for a short period of time also. The licensing fees usually range from a few euros to few thousand euros depending on the activity to be undertaken. Latvia does not have an unified register where all economic activities are recorded so depending on the type of activity and the special permit is required for, the procedure may vary.

Economic activities requiring special licenses and permits in Latvia

Special permits and licenses are requested for the following types of structures in Latvia:

  • -        financial institutions;
  • -        insurance companies;
  • -        tourism facilities;
  • -        companies providing utilities;
  • -        companies providing delivery services;
  • -        companies providing electrical or heating services;
  • -        transport companies;
  • -        gambling facilities;
  • -        companies involved in activities with impact on the environment;
  • -         companies involved in trading activities;
  • -        catering businesses;
  • -        communication companies;
  • -        warehouses;
  • -        pharmacies;
  • -        companies providing security services;
  • -        companies selling alcoholic drinks and tobacco.

The construction permit in Latvia

One of the most requested special license in Latvia is the construction permit as the rules for building an edifice are very important to protect people. Latvia facilitated the process for obtaining construction permits by reducing the time spent between the submission of documents and the issuance of the permit and by removing the Public Health Agency from the process. The steps for obtaining a Latvian construction permit are:

  • -        requesting the construction conditions with the Municipal Building Board;
  • -        procuring the technical demands from the Latvian Environment Agency;
  • -        procuring the technical demands from the Riga Water Company;
  • -        obtain the approval for the architectural plan from the Riga Water Company;
  • -        obtain the final permission for the architectural plan with the Municipal Building Board;
  • -        receiving the building license and the water and sewerage connection;
  • -        allowing the inspection from the Latvian Environment Agency and the Fire Department;
  • -        receiving the building measurements from the Special State Institution;
  • -        allowing the Acceptance Commission to inspect the building;
  • -        registering the building with the Latvian Land Register.

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