Virtual Office in Latvia

Virtual Office in Latvia

Updated on Monday 17th July 2023

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Virtual Office in Latvia
Companies in Latvia have begun to move their businesses in virtual offices due to the possibility of conducting their operations at reduced costs without affecting thier professional image. The virtual office has become a trend nowadays, as most businesses prefer it to the classic office space.
Our lawyers in Latvia can provide you with virtual services or they can help you throughout the process of company registration, according to your needs.

Communication services in a virtual office in Latvia

 Our Latvian lawyers offer you a virtual office with communication facilities tailored to your needs. We can provide you:
- a local phone number in Riga or another city with answering services included. You will be able to send or receive messages or any information directly to your office;
- voicemail services with the possibility to store and convert voice messages into e-mails and send them to your e-mail address or fax machine;
- call redirection services so you will receive calls directly to your office;
- a fax number and we can collect your faxes, sort them and then send them to you;
- on request, we can collect your bank statements. 
Besides helping you in getting a virtual office, our lawyers can also assist you if you want to apply for citizenship in Latvia. There are different ways in which you can qualify for citizenship here. If you are an investor, you can invest in this country as required by the government and qualify for its citizenship. If you are unaware of the investment procedure, our lawyers can guide you.
Here is a video presentation about the virtual office packages we offer in Latvia:


Space services for a virtual office in Latvia

You can choose to have a virtual office in Riga where you will benefit from a reputable business address with a minimum investment. The virtual office is an ideal solution for enterprisers wanting to invest in Latvia. You will also have the possibility to use your registered office for receiving and sending your mail.
You will have access to a rapid internet connection, hi-tech equipment for conference and video calling and also the possibility to use a meeting room.

Why you should choose a virtual office in Latvia

The main advantages of choosing a virtual office over the classic office are:
- the amount of money spent on rental is lower;
- you will benefit from a reputable business address;
- you don’t need to hire employees for your virtual office.
Our lawyers in Latvia can provide assistance on many legal matters, such as registering a business or a virtual office. You can also contact our Latvian lawyers in order to be up to date with the latest provisions about the companies’ law in Latvia.